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We deal with astrology in an alternative way.

On this website you can buy unique astrology reports that interpret your birth chart and predict your future.

We use Indian or Vedic astrology to write our reports. We take into account your birth details: place of birth, date of birth, time of birth, gender.

Your birth chart reveals much about your personality and your destiny in this life. Which obstacles do you have to overcome in your love life, financially, in your family and at work?

Furthermore we can make predictions for the following years by inspecting the transits of the different planets. In this way we can detect the most important trends in your life and when they will emerge.

Click here to download an example-reading: Example

The price for an astrology report is only 25 USD.


My name is Olya and I'm a professional astrologer from Russia. For many years I have studied Vedic or Indian astrology. I try to give correct interpretations and forecasts according to the true astrological rules.

In recent years we have delivered hundreds of astrology readings to clients from all over the world.

Olya Ivanova, Saint-Petersburg, Russia,